GameSplash's Top 5 Games Of 2015

1.) Rise of the Tomb Raider

I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh new direction that the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise took in 2013. Being the fourth game in the series developed by Crystal Dynamics, it's clear they had really focused their efforts on this retelling of Lara Croft's origins and knew the story they wanted to tell. The focus on survival with the classic supernatural elements still implemented made for an interesting and epic journey, and the game gave me more character depth than I originally expected. The story was one full of intrigue and by the end I was curious about what the culturally influential lead character would do next. It seems in the upcoming sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, we'll be switching from Japan to Siberia for an even more real experience, featuring the addition of a weather system and day/night cycles. The promotional teaser suggests Lara will still be recovering from the events of the last game, (understandably). I'm excited to discover what effects this may have and to see Lara develop even further in to the well-established heroine we all know she will become.

2.) Tales from the Borderlands

After becoming a huge fan of Borderlands 2 early this year, I've had my eye on the franchise and was particularly excited upon discovering Telltale's take on the universe. I was incredibly impressed with their adaption of The Walking Dead, and knew Tales from the Borderlands would not disappoint. So far we've been treated to Episode 1 of 5: Zer0 Sum. This introductory episode captured the humour of the franchise perfectly, and presented the player with a whole host of likeable characters (with some you'll love to hate)! The episode draws on already established Borderlands lore, and fans of the series can look forward to seeing some familiar faces. With the perfect cliffhanger to set up the rest of the season, I eagerly await the next episode's release and look forward to reviewing the series as a whole upon finishing Telltale's latest masterpiece. 

3.) Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batman: Arkham series has provided fans of the hero with a refreshing and gritty new universe, packed with all the greatest villains. Since Asylum, the playable area has continued to expand further and further and the fourth and final installment - Arkham Knight - is set to be five times the scale of Arkham City. Scarecrow (one of my personal favorites) will return, accompanied by a whole host of allies such as Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, and a new character called Arkham Knight who is unique to the game series. Not to mention, I'll be more than happy to revisit the brilliant combat and stealth mechanics. Players will supposedly see Batman at his darkest yet and I am desperate to find out what Rocksteady Studios has in store for the final chapter of the Arkham story.


4.) Mirror's Edge 2

A prequel to Mirror's Edge seems quite some time away, intended for release in 2016. But I'm already anticipating it. The game, developed by EA, will expand upon the lore of the universe we were introduced to previously, and provide an insight in to the protagonist's backstory. The notion of Faith gaining some much-needed character development is exciting in itself, with promises to make some essential improvements upon the combat serving as a bonus. Confirmed to be open-world, the unique parkour mechanic should be more awesome than ever before, and the use of the Frostbite 3 engine ensures fans of the series that we'll receive a whole new and upgraded experience from last time.

5.) Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a roleplaying game set to release at the end of March. It is brought to us by the developers of Dark Souls, From Software and will share similar elements to the popular video game. You play as a traveler seeking a potent medical remedy in a ruined city, but when you arrive you find it has been overrun with beast-like monsters that were once normal citizens. This premise alone is enough to catch my interest, and the promise of fast-paced melee combat has made certain that I'll be checking out what this game has to offer in a month's time.

Written By: Kieron Swiecicki

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