5 Reasons EA Might Just Ruin Battlefront

All Cynics To Battlestations

Gamers and Star Wars fans alike are most likely quivering with anticipation for the release of the reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. This may be partially due to excitement (which is to be expected) and also with debilitating nerves as fans of the series await the outcome... published by EA.

We are going to count down the Top 5 reasons Electronic Arts might just stamp our beloved sci-fi war simulator into the dirt.

1. Sim City

Upon release of EA published Sim City in 2013 we saw a monumental launch disaster. This game boasting the 'always online' internet connection functionality was wrought with server errors, with connectivity less stable than Charlie Sheen during the Tiger Blood era, causing players who had paid full retail price unable to play their game. The need for 'always online' functions are unnecessary and ridiculous for a game that has always been a mostly single player offline experience.

In terms of Battlefront, it's fair to assume that as opposed to the previous iterations it will have a multiplayer function aping the experience we've enjoyed on Battlefield in the past. This means stress testing of servers is absolutely essential to this game's release. In order to avoid a launch disaster similar to Sim City and Battlefield 4. Releasing a finished product is not EA's strong point, however we are hoping, praying, that the respect StarWars: Battlefront deserves is awarded in this case.

Always online and multiplayer only are absolutely not acceptable. Single player offline military campaign scenarios that re-enact movie sequences and online multiplayer functionality is a must.


2. Battlepacks

As we have seen in Battlefield 4 and Hardline DICE and EA have offered players the opportunity to purchase Battlepacks. These Battlepacks contain items such as weapons, attachments, dog tags, camos and customization options. Under no circumstances can there be ANY micro-transactions. NO. Micro-transactions would be a downright bastardization of StarWars Battlefront. No.

3. DLC 

Mark my words, head my warnings, DLC is coming. There will be DLC. They will withhold content that they know StarWars fans will want, scenarios that we will absolutely want to play, characters we would absolutely love to control. They will take advantage of the passion gamers and StarWars fans share for the Battlefront series and they'll exploit us for it. I predict a similar Battlefield Premium system will be implemented and DLC content costing us a similar cost to the retail price of the base game.

4. Origin

 Stop trying to make Origin happen, it's not going to happen.

5.  Abandonment

It appears that, however not verified fact, EA has a track record of abandoning titles when the going gets tough. It seemed when The Sims 3 released it was riddled with bugs and performance issues and even people I know suffered game breaking crashes that never got fixed, making the game inoperable for all time. In a similar state of affairs some gamers online suspect that the websites for Spore and The Sims 3 have been totally abandoned by EA completely. Even if this information is not verified and accurate it is plausible as past events involving Sim City and Origin and weeks of disrupted gameplay are just as damning.

Essentially EA is going to have to reverse any and all slimy corporate revenue generating tactics to do this title justice, and I just don't see that happening.

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