Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain DLC

 Blackrock Mountain

Good news to all fans of Blizzard's Hearthstone, the release date for the newest single-player adventure add-on, Blackrock Mountain, has been confirmed!

The expansion is set to begin release in the US on April 2nd but players in other areas will need to stay patient for an extra day to download. Much like the previous Naxxramas add-on they will release one wing of the expansion per week with the eventual total being five. 
These can be purchased with either the gold earned in-game or real cash. Many of the cards for the expansion have been shown ahead of the release and Warcraft fans will be glad to see Deathwing’s son Nefarion making an appearance as a legendary card. 
According to Gamespot, chief developer of Hearthstone, Eric Dodd claims the expansion comes due to both player and developer love for dragons:
 "We love the idea of people building their deck around dragons.” 
This means it’s very likely that enough new cards will be released for players to build entire dragon decks, this is also backed up by the fact that the cards shown ahead of the release appear to heavily press on dragon synergy:
"The new Blackwing Technician card will be a good example of that. It's a 2/4 that costs three mana, but is 3/5 if you have a dragon in your hand, which is a pretty effective card.”
 This expansion is set for release in the US April 2nd.
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