Kingdom Come: Deliverance Impression  
Hear Ye! Attention All Ye RolePlayers!

When I discovered this gem, this beautiful looking masterpiece, I felt that old feeling of excitement blanket over me akin to youngsters eagerly anticipating Christmas Day the night before. I felt giddy and joyous to see something so beautiful not only visually but in it's creation through a community that supported it all the way. Of course I'm talking about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but you for one may not be so familiar with the title, so let me break it down. Come with me on this magical journey adventurer!

What Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Essentially Kingdom Come is the Hipster of the RPG world, and no not in a bad way. It's prides itself on casting away disproportionately large sewer dwelling rats, dragons and wizards and instead firmly establishes itself in reality. The title is set in 15th century Europe and is based on historical events from that time period. The climate is a turbulent one, with the king dead and his heir described as weak, certain figures take advantage of the defenseless state of the land and this seems to be creating the perfect circumstances for a civil war. In short it seems that Kingdom Come is determined to be a historically accurate role playing game set firmly in reality. So no zombies, but I'm sure we are all glad to see that some developers aren't finding it necessary to squeeze a zombie into their games here and there.

Who's Behind KDC?

The game has been nontraditional developed by an indie developing company called Warhorse. But get this, Warhorse was started in 2011 by... Dan Vavra! Dan Vavra was the designer of Mafia and Mafia 2 and those games are among my favorite titles of all time. So mad support for this company and this current project. It's expected to release in 2015 and on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

What Is Different About Kingdom Come: Deliverance To Other RPGs? 

Well it would appear it seems to be trying very hard to be a tailored experience for each player individually. The game modestly describes pretty much every action a player makes, to have appropriate consequences. This title seems to be very much about choices. There are different ways of completing quests (even non-violently), there are multiple choice options for dialogue. Dialogue is also described as being just important as combat and just as difficult. Kingdom Come doesn't want you to be absent mindedly skimming through dialogue like we are all guilty of in many RPGs (I'm sure) but to achieve this engagement it will have to deliver some top quality voice acting. The same recycled voice actors playing the parts of too many characters can keep us from becoming engaged with characters so learn from the mistakes of your predecessors Kingdom Come!

What's The World Like?

This is what i find the most exciting about the game. The world and what it's made up of is the most promising and potentially immersive experience we will ever have. Kingdom Come boasts some pretty ambitious features that will definitely be very, very well received if implemented well. The world boasts a size of 3.5 square miles. That's pretty big right? It will be inhabited by vast forests (which from the tech demo I've had a peak at look absolutely gorgeous) hamlets, castles, villages and of course a large city. An RPG without it's token capital would be like a dog without balls or a bee without knees, not cool.

Kingdom Come proposes it's world has a complex ecosystem (and COMPLEX is in capitals on their website so we know they are serious) which can be effected by the player. Apparently every character has a daily routine and the player can disrupt this and characters will react accordingly. Not much is explained about this really but it's definitely very exciting.

Obviously there needs to be a reputation and legal system as this is the bread and butter of any half decent RPG. Kingdom Come suggests that NPCs will tattle on you for stealing their spoons (this isn't actually a declared gameplay feature but I like to pretend it will be in there) and the law will punish you according to your crime. There are the typical pay a fine and jail options but the law may choose to "go medieval on your ass" - in the immortal words of Marcellus Wallace. So yes, the stocks and medieval torture methods are on the cards. So just you behave.


Yes combat is an important part of the game. Kingdom Come claims this isn't a hack and slash fantasy RPG, no, combat actually follows historically accurate techniques and marital arts from that time period. This is exciting to hear. Not only will we be playing a video game we truly will be totally immersed in a historical era right down to the way we swing our swords. Additionally there will be battles and castle sieges but they aren't going to be coming around very often. Kingdom Come won't be throwing them at you like an irritable school teacher clicking their fingers and screeching "are you paying attention?" This isn't a Micheal Bay action flick so get used to it.

This Is An RPG Are You Going To Acknowledge That Yet?

Yes, yes, yes. This is an RPG game so you get all the customization you want in both appearance and in character ability. You can change your threads and look however you like, as long as its historically accurate. Your clothes have an effect on a few factors including how NPCs react to you so that's pretty neat. You get your traditional RPGey stats and skills and perks and stuff too.


Finally if you like the look of this title please do check out thier website and possibly pledge the minimum $5 pledge to help make this game a reality! This game is being crowd-sourced and so requires donations from the awesome gaming community to fund development. Obviously you don't have to, but if you'd like to I'm sure they would appreciate it. Check out any extra information on their website here!

All in all, I am very excited about this game and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. It's the RPG we have been waiting for. Its gritty realism coupled with superb graphic quality and expansive world is sure to be a massive hit. Please Warhorse, don't go breaking my heart!

I rate this impression: Historically Accurate Out Of Ten.


Since the publishing of this article Warhorse has been very busy. In January of 2015 a trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance surfaced, which was comprised of in-game footage. This is usually a practise not often adopted by triple A titles in the industry and is a refreshing act of transparency and honest in promotion of this product. If you'd like to check out the trailer you can view it in the window below.

As we can see from the trailer the world is expansive, made up of rolling country side, scattered settlements and towering strong holds. The world looks to be vibrant and immersive with fine detail in the foliage and greenery that makes up the eastern European environment. This footage should be enough to let you feel optimistic about the progress of development and strengthen your belief in the promises of the developers.

The game is purportedly being released in three 'acts' or three separate titles. Dan Vavra has urged us not to worry though, each iteration will have its own 30 hour of play time, and will have different quests and indeed have the same sized map area. He also claims that Warhorse's goal is not to sell the titles at $60 each, but rather at a reduced $35 or so price tag.
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