New Halo Title Is Russian Region Exclusive?

  New Halo PC Game Is... Russian Exclusive?

This week Microsoft announced that its hugely successful Halo franchise will return to the PC for the first time since 2004. However there is a catch: the game is going to be a Russian exclusive.

 Halo Online will utilize a free to play business model and uses an altered version of the Halo 3 Engine that has been optimized for running on lower end PCs. The game, which is multiplayer only, is reported to be set after Halo 3 and will feature classic weapons, vehicles and maps from across the franchise along with new content. 

Halo Online is being developed by Saber Interactive, a Russian developer. It will be published by Innova Systems, a company which has extensive experience with Russian MMOs and the project is being overseen by 343 Industries. The Closed beta will start later this month with a full release expected at some point this year. 

This project may be a smart move for Microsoft as gaming in Russia is very PC orientated, with free to play online games being particularly popular with gamers. However it is unlikely that Halo Online will be made available in other regions so fans will have to wait for Halo 5: Guardians later this year for their Halo fix.
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