Oregon Trail 1990!

Old School Trail Blazer

This one's before my time but for all the older gamers out there who enjoyed the screeching synthetic tones of the Atari and those retro 8-bit graphics, there's good news. The 1990 release of the title originally designed in 1971 is readily available to be played and enjoyed by generations gone by in the comfort of your web browser.

 The title is hosted on many different websites that emulated the game and allow modern day gamers to enjoy a challenging survival pioneering adventure, without the need to dig up ancient technologies.

The game pits the player and their party against the perils of traveling across new found America and the wild wilderness. Manage supplies including ammunition, oxen, clothes, food and also spare parts for your wagon. This game pits tough decision making and supply management against the player and offers a truly challenging survival experience.

It may not be what you're used to but this game is a quirky and nostalgic reminder of gaming history and offers a retro chip tune soundtrack, coupled with 8-bit graphic quality for that authentic late ninety's feel. If you feel that Oregon Trail is not up to speed why not try out Super Amazing Wagon Adventure on the Xbox 360 indie market place? It's a modern re-imagining of this title, and fitting with the retro theme, and offers heaps more mechanics and features.

You can play the title on the web, for free, without the need to download a single thing by clicking right here
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