Toejam and Earl Reboot

Back In The Groove

Good news for all of you older gamers out there, the Kickstarter campaign for a brand new Toejam and Earl game has reached its goal. 

The developers started the campaign asking for $400,000 and has easily reached that target two whole days before the deadline making $430,832. The new game suitably named “Back in the Groove” will be designed by the same man behind the original games Greg Johnson. 

At the moment the game is only being designed for the PC, however the studio says that if they make even more money they will develop the game for consoles as well, asking for $600,000 for the PlayStation 4, $700,000 for the Xbox One and $800,000 for the Wii U. 

Even better news, the game is set to be released in November 2015. The game has also promised 4 player co-op and lots and lots of funky music, keeping it at its roots. There is also a very early video displaying the gameplay on the Kickstarter site for all to see.
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