Twitch Hacked

Twitch Targeted By Hackers

Video game streamers may have to be cautious this week as online streaming service Twitch announced that it had become the target of hackers.

The site warned its users in an email that their personal information and account details including passwords, phone numbers and addresses may have been compromised as a result of the hack. To ensure the safety and protection of its users Twitch has taken the step of resetting passwords as well as terminating any connections that exist between Twitch accounts and accounts for Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Twitch recommends that users change their passwords and has apologized for the “unauthorized access” that took place.

However Twitch has confirmed that financial data including the credit and debit card information of its users has not been leaked. This incident follows in the wake of other high profile hacking incidents such as the Sony cyber attacks back in December and comes at an otherwise highly successful time for Twitch.

In September 2014 Twitch was acquired by Amazon in a deal worth $970 million during a year in which Twitch achieved around 100 million viewers per month.

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