Youtube To Become Twitch Contender

YouTube To Become A Twitch Contender

You can find almost anything on YouTube, whether it be videos of make-up tutorials, film reviews and of course cat videos. It's also a site that has an extremely large gaming community, making up many of its most popular up-loaders. 

It now looks like the video-sharing monolith is planning to take the gaming aspect one step further. According to various sources “within the streaming community” that have spoken with The Daily Dot, YouTube is planning on changing the focus of its livestreaming platform entirely to gaming and e-sports. It seems this comes after the sites failure to purchase the currently most popular live-streaming site Twitch last year which was instead being sold to Amazon for almost $1 billion. 

Another one of the sources claimed:

 “Gaming and e-sports in particular are going to be a big driving force for the new-look YouTube Live. There'll be huge opportunities for established streamers and organizations soon and I would say that the record numbers of e-Sports viewers are only going to grow when Google starts promoting and partnering with these events." 

It seems that the timing of this is in conjuncture with Twitch moving onto new areas such as music causing YouTube seemingly hopeful to fill any gap this may cause with the gaming community. It seems that YouTube’s owner, Google, is extremely happy with this new direction with one source stating “Google doesn't want to be too far behind in the arms race." Google’s aim of one day devouring the internet seems to have taken another large mouthful with this announcement.
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