Halo 5 Guardians Release Date Confirmed

 The Chief is coming

Halo 5: Guardian’s release date was confirmed on Saturday night as being on October 27th. The news came alongside new trailers for the game using the phrase “Hunt the truth” as its shtick.

The game will be released exclusively on Xbox One and some other exciting news for fans of the series has also been released. It appears that Cortana, the Chiefs long-time companion, will be making a return despite seeming to have died in Halo 4. 


The most intriguing thing about the released trailers is that it would seem that the Master Chief himself has gone rogue. The trailers depict a new character ‘Agent Locke’ actively hunting for the master chief and its mentioned several times that the Chief may have become an enemy of the human race as well as his ally and friend, the Arbiter. 

It was confirmed that the newbie agent Locke will be playable in Halo 5 and that the game will have dedicated servers for all multiplayer. More information will be announced at E3 in June.
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