Dying Light Crazy April Fool's Day Perks

Dying Light Is About To Get Silly

To celebrate the world famous pranksters holiday on April 1st developers of Dying Light have updated the title to add some humorous perks.

For just 24 hours spanning April Fool's Day Dying Light developer Techland has added some hilarious side effects to some otherwise underwhelming actions within the game.

The unarmed melee attack, ram and kicking attacks are all updated to deal out massive amounts of damage that cause enemies to rag-doll into the sky with side splitting results. Additionally the slide attack is shown to launch enemies into the skyline hundreds of meters away.

The explanation for these effects are described as being brought about by a "bad batch" of the fictional in-game drug 'Antazin' which only lasts for 24 real time hours.

Techland asked Dying Light players to upload footage of this special April Fool's Day update and to share it with the hashtag #badbatch.

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