Esports Is Set To Hit The Middle East

  Esports In The East

Esports is a growing phenomenon in which currently 70 million people across the world avidly tune in to spectate. Now it's feverish fandom is spreading to the Middle East.

Two of the biggest players in European esportsmanship, Red Stallion Interactive and European Gaming League (EGL) are set to join forces to establish the Middle East Gaming League (MEGL.) This new organization will bring esports to the Middle East in 2015.

EGL will be adapted to meet the requirements for the Middle Eastern and Northern African (MENA) regions by supporting the Arabic language and this will allow Red Stallion to maximize their target audience. Ultimately the newly established MEGL will encapsulate over 18 countries across the region and reach an additional 200 million people, of which 10% are estimated to be gaming fanatics.

Glen Elliott the joint Managing Director of the EGL had this to say about the partnership with Red Stallion and the birth of the MEGL:

“This partnership is great news for gamers in the Middle East as well as EGL.Working with Red Stallion Interactive is an exciting opportunity for us and will help to grow eSports in that region as well as to cultivate relationships with publishers and brands"

The MEGL has planned to be launched at some of the most prestigious locations across the region during July, with a mix of online and physical tournaments.

Dr. Mohamed Juman, Chairman of Red Stallion Interactive,explained how this new organization will have both social and economic effects on the region and will support young people across the MENA territory:

"This new operation will also provide numerous employment opportunities for qualified young Arabs, many of whom dream of working in the gaming industry, but rarely have the opportunity to do so"

This move by Red Stallion and EGL is the perfect opportunity to establish a gaming hub within the region, allowing everyone who may not have once had the chance, to learn about and participate in video game culture.

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