How DICE and EA Ruined Battlefront

How Dice and EA Ruined Battlefront

There are to be no space battles or any prequel content for upcoming DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront title.

No Space Battles

The General Manager of DICE has claimed that there will be no space battles in a game, based on a movie called Star Wars. That's right, there will be space combat in a video game based in a universe abundant in massive intergalactic battles and iconic 'Star Wars' as it were. Think back to the beloved movies and the iconic scenes where notable space battles occurred.

Who can forget the scenes above Naboo where the Resistance assaulted the Naboo Blockade and destroyed the Droid Control ship. What about the assault on General Grievous' flagship Invisible Hand lead by Anakin and Obi-Wan in an attempt to free the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Grievous and Count Dooku (aka Darth Tyrannous.) Even more famous is the classic Trench Run as Luke Sky-walker assaults the Death Star in A New Hope!

Despite this abundance of deep and detailed lore supporting the importance of these space battles, however DICE General Manager Patrick Bach claims the game is "not so much about space." He goes onto claim that most of the battles take place on the planet's surfaces however to many ground maneuvers there is also a war raging above the planets atmosphere. While the Gungan forces fought the Trade Federation's droid army, the Naboo Resistance was assaulting the Naboo Blockade. While the Wookies and Clone Troopers are defending Kashyyyk there is a war raging above. It goes on.

This comes as a disappointing and angering blow to both fans of the Starwars Universe and also to fans of the Battlefront series as this element is fundamental to the overall experience. It comes as a disappointment to owners of both Next Generation consoles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC users as with the increasing cost of gaming machines, it is to be expected the products on which they run are of better quality both technically and in regards to content.

However unfortunately this is not the case, Bach explains why space battles have been axed from the game:

"The core of Star Wars battles — the Endors, the Hoths, et cetera — you want to take that to perfection. You want to do it right.”
Despite this Pandemic Studios managed to release the second iteration of the StarWars Battlefront series including both planetary and space combat focused playable maps, individually of course. LucasArts published Battlefront II a decade ago, this year, and despite claims that it would be a detriment to the perfection of classic environments by DICE i can't shake this feeling that 10 years of progress must stand for something.

However as a journalist i do have to open my analytical eye and pick apart just what Bach has said. In his interview with IGN he said:

“Space is hard, right? Not from a [development] perspective, but from a logistical perspective. Is that fun? For us it doesn’t make sense to create a battle above you if you’re fighting other players who are not there to fight. Our focus is to do planetary battles.”
So if we focus on how Bach describes the complication is a displacement of players across both the planetary and space fields of play. This refers back to the original concept that Battlefront would feature a multi-layered system in which simultaneous battles could take place both on-land and in space. Therefore this may not mean Bach intends to remove space battles outright but rather intends to scrap the multi-layered combat function. Unfortunately he does go on to say that DICE's focus is planetary battles and so this may distinguish the small hope that the classic flagship assault game type we enjoyed in the previous Battlefront titles really is gone for good.

No Prequel Content

Unlike the original Battlefront titles this itteration will not feature any content from the prequel era. Some of the most loved battles from the older games such as those from The Attack of the Clones like Geonosis, The Battle on Naboo from The Phantom Menace or the moody atmospheric planet of Mustafar from The Revenge of the Sith.

The Battlefront Producer, Peter Mcloed, abruptly replied "No" when asked if Battlefront would ever support content from the prequel era. The goal of the team is said to be achieving authenticity in relation to the classic three movies; episodes IV, V and VI.

This means characters such as Jango Fett, Mace Windu, General Grievous, Count Dooku, Darth Maul and more will be off the cards as heroes and villains in the upcoming title.

Most disturbingly Mcloed ended his interview with IGN by saying:

"I can say we’ll definitely be supporting Battlefront post-launch. We have a long history of add-on content.”
Which suggest for us unlucky gamers and StarWars fans, a much loved series will fall foul to EA's unsavory DLC model and our fandom most definitely exploited. After paying for the full price title devoid of a single player campaign, space battles and presequel content prepare to cast handfuls of cash into EA's DLC Sarlak pit for the content you want that will surely be withheld.
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