Retro Gaming Gaining Popularity

 Retro Gaming Hitting High-Street Retailers

Well-known game retailer Gamestop has announced that they are planning on marketing retro consoles and video games.

Gamestop will be stocking retro machines such as the SNES, Sega Genesis and more and they will also be allowing trade-ins of these consoles and their games at their stores.

All of the consoles and games that are traded in will be sent to Texas where they will be repaired if necessary and resold in the stores, hopefully this will help restore the popularity of games and consoles that are no longer being produced.

The company has yet to declare the price range of the consoles, but has announced that the public will begin being able to trade in their own retro consoles beginning April 25th, however they say that they will not begin selling such consoles until roughly two months following this.

Gamestop will test the new idea at first only in New York City and Birmingham, Alabama. It states that if testing proves successful here the new direction will be taken to the whole nation.

Despite the stores only beginning testing in these two places gamers in other areas can purchase the consoles in the online store.
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