Fallout 4 Announcement Teased


 Please Stand By

The game developer behind the largely successful Elderscrolls and Fallout series' has teased the release of what is suspected to be their latest title. The title is assumed to be Fallout 4, the long awaited addition to the Fallout series.

The developer Bethesda released a cheeky teaser via their twitter account just hours ago. The tweet displayed an image often associated with the post apocalyptic RPG game series and the hashtag #pleasestandby.

The tweet linked to a website which you can visit for yourself here. The website is brand new and has nothing but the same image and a timer counting down. Twitter users are speculating that this timer will count down to a release trailer of Fallout 4, with the full reveal trailer being with-held for the Bethesda hosted 2015 E3 event this year.

Since Bethesda released the tweet teasing the title Fallout 4 became the number one trending topic on Twitter.


Bethesda have officially released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Fallout 4 via thier Youtube channel. The trailer dropped as the timer via their Please Stand By website hit zero. You can view the trailer here:

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