Fallout 4 Website Teaser Temporarily Went Live


Fallout 4 Teaser Site Goes Live

A website domain seemingly associated with the long running Fallout series recently went live for a short time.

A website under the domain Fallout 4 dot com recently went live for a short amount of time. The site itself has no information relating to Bethesda or the Fallout 4 title except from a single teaser image. The image displays some iconic elements from the Fallout universe like the Nuka Cola machine and the Brotherhood Of Steel power armor.

The Bethesda logo can also be seen in the bottom left and the logo for Fallout 4 in the bottom right. However the sites legitimacy has yet to be verified with the domain being registered through a third party.

However anyone trying to access the site now will be met with an image informing visitors the site is no longer available. This may be because it was unofficial and Bethesda has taken action against it, too much traffic has taken the site down or that Bethesda is just being a tease.

The timer tweeted by Bethesda via Twitter also has less than an hour to go before something is revealed. Our article on that here.
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