Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memory Releases On Mobile


Harvest Mobile

Harvest Moon is finally coming to mobile devices it was revealed today. The long standing game series began back in 1996 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and since then Harvest Moon games have spanned numerous platforms and survived the test of time for 20 years.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memory came to mobile devices as "Fans have been asking for a full, console-style Harvest Moon on mobile platforms, and we are happy to satisfy that wish today for iOS users," Hiro Maekawa CEO of Natsume Inc explained. Harvest Moon continues the tradition of managing a farm, while also adding the feature of the Seeds of Memory. The seeds can be unlocked by befriending villagers and by raising animals for instance.

Harvest Moon:Seeds of Memory will include cooking, fishing, mining and foraging. You'll also get to find yourself as a wife or a husband, and set out to be the champion in various competitions and attend various festivals.

Currently available on iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod the game is being released on Android soon as well.
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