Battalion 1944 Impressions
 Battalion 1944 Impressions

The yearning for a competitive FPS game that takes place at the height of the second world war, is a feeling many of us older gamers have undoubtedly shared. Many of us grew up during a time in which Medal of Honor and Call of Duty dominated the FPS market, titles like Finest Hour and Rising Sun were the staple of any growing gamers collection.

 We've slowly seen the first person shooter evolve with the fetishisation of future technology and with that our beloved historical shooters have shed their simplicity for overwhelming progression rewards and customization options. However, Bulkhead Interactive, a development team based in Derby and responsible for Pnuema: Breath of Life, have answered our cry's.

Battalion 1944 is essentially a first person shooter with a strong focus on raw player skill and competitive gameplay. Unlike so many of the FPS titles that currently headline the genre, like Call of Duty, the title takes place during the second world war and strips away all of the popularised elements we've grown used to. There won't be any super solider enhancing exo-suits, there won't be plastic explosives duct-taped to an assortment of militarised children's toys, there will just be you and your skill within the genre with the weapons appropriate to the time period. The unified wanting for a WWII FPS is defintiely being made very clear, with the Kickstarter goal of $100,000 for the title being surpassed in just three days of the project going live.

Bulkhead emphasis the strong principle of stamping out the grind in Battalion 1944 with the only unlockables being weapons, accessories and cosmetics earned through BattleRank. The focus on competitive gameplay is through the BattleRank system, in which players are able to join a 'Battalion' and take part in competitive seasons.

As described in the feature list the game will be comprised of 'Tight, focused, competitive maps' while also incorporating traditional competitive FPS map layouts to aid team balancing. It would definitely be fair to say, with the strong focus on competitive play in both the company ethos towards skill in this title, Bulkhead have set their iron sights firmly on the competitive play market and they're about to pull the trigger.

From what we've seen visually, the game definitely looks very pretty. Being developed with the Unreal 4 Engine we would expect visually stunning environmental and character design, however with fiasco's like the Watch Dogs visual downgrades upon release it's important to remember that seeing isn't always believing. Despite the understandable reservations about graphical fidelity it would seem the developers have put alot of time and caring into research trips to featured locations to ensure players get a truly authentic slice of war time history.

Battalion 1944 undoubtedly shows alot of promise, passion and commitment. It seems like this is the shooter that gamers have been asking of the larger name series'. This is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Bulkhead Interactive plan to release Battalion 1944 on PS4, Xbox One and PC after reaching their Kickstarter goal of $100,000. The release date has yet to be decided.

Like the look of Battalion 1944? Refer to the KickStarter for all available information on the title.

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