Fake Nintendo Account Causes False Pokemon Sun and Moon Reports


Parody Nintendo Account Causes False Pokemon Sun and Moon Reporting

 Today rumors have been thrown around on the internet about an upcoming pair of Pokémon games titled: Sun and Moon. The titles had allegedly surfaced when they were discovered to be trademarked in Europe. The speculation was supposedly legitimized by an image via NerdLeaks in an article where they embellished on the idea that the titles were set to be announced 26th of February at Pokémon Direct.

Some of the larger names in the industry of video games journalism like Eurogamer initially cited a twitter account by the name of @NinlendoAmerica as a source of confirmation of these titles. However the twitter handle for this account is not in fact the official Nintendo Twitter account, it isn't verified and the bio of the account reads:

"Master in not localizing Japanese games and ignoring fans | FAKE/PARODY-Account | RT to fool your friends | Nin Lendo Network | #WiiUMasterrace"
Which would be a pretty self deprecating description of the beloved family friendly company. The Nintendo parody account tweeted out claiming that the two new Pokémon games will release this year on the 3DS and that more will be revealed tomorrow.

 At this time there is no definitive answer to the question; do these games actually exist? However with Pokémon Direct tomorrow we may well be given the answer. For now though, let this be a lesson in Journalism 101, fact check and verify your sources! Especially when your source is a self proclaimed parody.

Main image via nerdleaks.com
and tweet screen grab via: @NinlendoAmerica

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