MagNets Review
MagNets: Fully Charged Review
What first grabbed my attention when jumping into MagNets:Fully Charged was the soundtrack. You're immediately met with a dancey chip-tune/ electro track when you hit the menu screen and this instantly has you appreciating the games style. The beat definitely compliments the theme and sets up the somewhat frantic nature of the experience going further.

As the chip-tune style of music brings on waves of nostalgia, reminding us of classic childhood games like Pokémon, the art style certainly does the same. My first comparison to the art style was Spyro The Dragon, a staple of many young gamers' childhoods, the color is vibrant and is also very cutesy. The look of games like this, with an almost Plasticine finish to environmental design, lends to create an atmosphere of childlike innocence and just plain and simple fun.

TotalMonkery really do let their typical British humor shine, through on screen text delivered dialogue. Interactions with other characters in the game are littered with classic British sarcasm and packed with tech based puns, though these are often pretty lame, it does strengthen that feel of innocence and fun. It has a very child orientated feel, however do not let this fool you as the difficulty through the levels really does contradict this later on (to my despair!)

Gameplay is understandably simple and basic, which is what is expected from a title like this with the team developing. But if I'm honest i found the simplicity of the gameplay rather refreshing and enjoyable, i wasn't being over encumbered with masses of information or mechanics that would usually deter me from over complex titles.

As the playable character you'll utilize your magnet ability, which casts a radius in which you can stun and ultimately destroy the evil BloxBots. Once destroyed the BloxBots will drop chips that you'll need to collect and deposit at recycling points, which when a threshold is met will drop items needed to complete objectives. During this time you will also need to defend various 'towers' which may come in the form of protecting a techno band while they preform, or protecting exhibits in a museum. This process is repeated on pretty much every level which can sound very tedious and repetitive, however the level design and the inclusion of classic arena type boss battles really keeps you from noticing the repetition for the most part. These elements really do boost the life and character of MagNets.

Boss battles are similar to those we've seen in games like Spyro, set in mostly circular arenas, requiring you to collect chips for recycling to activate objectives that momentarily incapacitate the enemy for you to attack. These battles are generally easy and don't really increase the challenge. Despite claiming the boss battles aren't difficult, beware the robot dinosaur conflict at the relay dish, this was honestly on a level with Dark Souls. Or was i just really awful...

Ultimately the simplicity of MagNets and its childlike atmosphere should not be underestimated. As levels progress and defense objectives because more numerous, enemies become more frequent and your ability to be overwhelmed drastically increases. Don't confuse this game for something that is very easy and not challenging, because at times it can be rock solid.

MagNets is a fun, simple and quirky fast-paced bot-collection action game that leaves you with an enjoyable experience when all is said and done. I'm tentative about suggesting this title for its £11.99 retail price (Xbox One) as it may be lacking in replayablility for some players. You can pick this title up on Steam Store for £7.99 which i feel is a much more reasonable price, however the cost of Xbox development is understandable for the given price. However if you're craving a little nostalgic trip down memory lane then this game is for you.

*please note some of the images sourced are dated, which does not completely depict MagNets in it's current form. Style remains mainly the same however the HUD may be altered in the final version. Apologies for any confusion.

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