System Shock Remastered Gameplay Trailer

Credit: Night Dive Studios
 System Shock Will Be Coming To Console and PC
Night Dive Studios released an alpha gameplay footage trailer for the remastered version of System Shock for the Xbox One and Steam. It looks great.

For younger gamers, System Shock is a cyberpunk fps role-playing game set on spaceship with a murderous AI computer system. Last released in 1999, System Shock is returning 17 years later with a much needed facelift. Bioshock and Deus Ex are considered spiritual successors to System Shock and that speaks for its influence over the genre to present day.

Night Dive Studios released a game trailer for the project compiled of alpha build play. Even though this isn't the best we will see of the game just yet, the trailer really does fill you with nostalgia and get you excited. Much like 'Alien Isolation effect' i'm sure players would jump back into System Shock's world with updated technology.

You can view the trailer below:

As of now, System Shock is scheduled to launch for Xbox One and Steam, we will keep you updated if anything changes.
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