The Chuckle Brothers Live Action Hitman Let's Play
 The Chuckle Brothers Play Live Action Hitman

In what might just be the best promotion for a videogame ever, The Chuckle Brothers took part in a promotion in which they control a real life Hitman Agent 47. The Chuckle Brothers are a comedic double-act that became popular in the UK with their slapstick and simple humor in the show ChuckleVison, for readers outside of the UK.

The Brothers took part in a live-action recreation of the game Hitman, in which they controlled a live Hitman actor to complete their objective. They were able to navigate a large mansion in Devon, the location where their mission was based, guiding him through a live feed and microphones. Much like the game itself, the real life counterpart allows the player to complete the hit with a number of take-downs. Marc Skouborg, Brand Marketing Director at Io-Interactive said:

The objective was to try and see if it was possible to create the feeling of a real life Hitman game experience for the participants,Realm Pictures went above and beyond in their efforts and we’ve been completely blown away by the detail and how well they managed to capture the essence of the game, which is all about freedom of approach. It’s simply fantastic.
This comes as a promotion for the latest installment to the Hitman series which is availible for purchase now. The Chuckle Brothers' gameplay video is below.

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