Top 5 Horror Games Of 2016
  Top 5 Anticipated Horror Games of 2016

 Horror games have been rising in popularity, with such titles as Before Dawn and Telltale's The Walking Dead achieving critical success. What is it about us that wants to feel scared? It's not a particularly enjoyable experience, being huddled in a dark room creeping tentatively through the dark and dingy worlds than are put before us. But for those of you who do find pleasure in putting yourself in a position of adrenaline fueled discomfort here are the Top 5 Anticipated Horror Games of 2016.


Friday the 13th: The Game

Sometimes nothing beats the feeling of nostalgia and in recent years we have seen some developers really playing up to that. Not long ago we were exploring the retro interior of the Sevastopol in Alien Isolation, meticulously crafted to mimic exactly how the sets looked in the 1979 original title; Alien. Friday the 13th: The Game really aims to capture the same allure of religiously committing to the original environment as seen in the 1980 slasher; Friday the 13th.

The third-person survival horror game pits six players against the infamous Jason Voorhees; surviving, fighting and dying within the grounds of the iconic Crystal Lake. Players can decide how they play, with the choices of fighting back or hiding being available play styles.

No release platform information


Outlast 2

There isn't much info on Outlast 2 just yet, but from what we've seen from the teaser trailer, it looks like we can expect much of what made the first iteration so spine-chilling to make a return here. Dark religious imagery and the creepy delivery of some religious rhetoric in the trailer is enough to keep us intrigued, and wanting to see what Red Barrels will do with the second title. A come back to the suspenseful 'found footage' horror title is highly anticipated.

Outlast 2 will release on Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One.

We Happy Few

We Happy Few is one of those games that are so brimming with imagination and talent that it really does help define video games as mediums of art. Set in what is referred to as a 'drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England,' We Happy Few is a game of survival. Players must blend in with the other inhabitants of the city who prioritize happiness, and allowing your character to appear unhappy will incur the psychotic wrath of the whole neighborhood.

We Happy Few will release on Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Code 4

Though this title isn't actually 100% official yet, Code 4 is a codename for a sequel to the successful zombie survival game State of Decay. The follow up was said to add multiplayer to the popular survival horror game to make the experience similar to DayZ i suppose, however as of yet there has been no solid developments discussed by Undead Labs. The devs initially stated that their multi-title agreement with Microsoft would be a journey that may take years, however State of Decay released in 2012, so a 2016 release may not just be wishful thinking. All of this is speculation though of course.

There is no information on platform release but Xbox One and Windows is presumed.

Overkill's The Walking Dead

This isn't releasing in 2016 however it definitely deserves a mention. Unlike the wildly successful TellTale version, Overkill's The Walking Dead is a co-op first person shooter. The game incorporates action, stealth, role-playing and survival horror. These elements will go the distance to create the atmosphere and suspense that we have seen in the tv series over the years, and hopefully rectify the awful mistakes that the FPS The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts made, not so long ago.

Overkill's The Walking Dead will release on PC, XboxOne and Playstation 4 in 2017

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