Free Rocket League, Hoops Update Trailer
Credit: Psyonix
 Rocket League, Hoops Free Update Trailer

For those of you who have perfected the difficulty of control and placement in the popular physics based game Rocket League, a new challenge awaits you.

Via the Xbox Wire website, Vice President of Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham announced an official release date for the free update Rocket League, Hoops. The mode changes up the dynamic of the game, replacing two soccer goals with elevated basket ball hoops. Dunham describes the mode as: 

"a more challenging 2v2 version of our game that rewards strong aerial play and smart use of off-the-wall shots."
The update will include the new Rocket League, Hoops gametype along with an all new arena to play in, called the "Dunk House." Additionally, to compliment the update, Psyonix is offering an NBA DLC package (retailing at $1.99) consisting of all 30 NBA flags for your car. For those of you above paying for trivial cosmetic items in your favorite titles, one NBA logo flag will be available to all players for free.

Finally, Rocket League Labs will be coming to the Xbox One platform with a selection of other additional items and game performance improvements.

Rocket League, Hoops will be available on the Xbox One April 26th 2016.

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