Wasteland Workshop Release Date Trailer

Credit: Bethesda Softworks
 Wasteland Workshop Release Date Trailer

The development team behind Fallout 4, Bethesda Softworks, has announced the release date for the second add-on for the title, Wasteland Workshop.

This DLC  makes the settlement system it's main focus, showcasing a few exciting additions to the buildables available in your own personal settlements, and a brand new gameplay mechanic. On top of being able to customize your own little home away from home in the Wasteland, the Wasteland Workshop add-on introduces traps and cages, used to capture a selection of the game world's less than favorable wildlife.

The central focus of the DLC is base building and customization, along with the construction of your very own gladiator'esc area in which you can force any number of enemies to fight whichever unfortunate settler you see fit, to the death. The DLC is scheduled for release April 12th, for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

You can also now own a cat. Just saying.

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