PS4 Exclusive: Days Gone
Credit: Bend Studio/Sony
  PS4 Exclusive: Days Gone
 Days Gone is an upcoming open world zombie survival game developed by Bend Studios (Syphon Filter), focusing heavily on the human aspects of the aftermath of a pandemic event.

The title is set in the Pacific North-West with players taking control of Deacon St. John, a member of the Mongrels MC; an outlawed biker club. The game will focus heavily on the aspects of loss, friendship and desperation among other things.

Days Gone is almost a fresh new take on a sort of wild west genre, set against the backdrop of the Pacific North-West and it's mountainous and woodland region. Bend claims an expansive open world environment suited to unique player play-styles so that they can tackle it in their own ways.

As are the usual conventions of a zombie survival game; scavenging, crafting and exploration will be central to the way the title is played. Bend boasts almost every car, building and environment will be searchable.

What's more is with the power of Unreal 4, Days Gone will offer real time lighting elements as well as enhanced realism that will effect the way weather elements look and feel within the game. You can view the stunning trailer (not gameplay footage) for Days Gone below:

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