The Culling Coming To Xbox One Preview

Credit: Xaviant
 The Culling Xbox One Preview

If you've ever seen the movies Battle Royale or Hunger Games and craved a game that recreated the excitement and atmosphere for you to experience it first hand, The Culling is on it's way to the Xbox One Preview Program.

After moving an incredible 500,000 copies on Steam Early Access, development team Xaviant has set its sights on the Xbox Audience for its open world survival gauntlet. In The Culling players are dropped into an arena similar to that of Battle Royale or the Hunger Games. Players are given only 20 minutes to scavenge and survive against all of the other players. But 16 enter and only one can leave.

The trailer showcases a wide selection of melee and ranged weapons including bows, chainsaws, assault rifles, revolvers and craftable spears. We also get a glimpse at some craftable snares and traps that can be planted around the playable area to snap up other unsuspecting players.

 Josh Van Veld, director of operations at Xaviant, had this to say about the port to Xbox One:

“Working with Microsoft and releasing The Culling on Xbox Game Preview is a dream come true, We’re thrilled to bring our flavor of adrenaline-filled, competitive battle royale to Xbox fans worldwide.”

As of yet there is no release date for the Xbox One version of The Culling, we will keep you updated.
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