WATCH_DOGS 2 Trailer Revealed

Credit: Ubisoft
WATCH_DOGS 2 Trailer Reveal

Following a largely shaky and mixed reception to the original Watch_Dogs title released in 2014, Ubisoft have officially announced a second installment to the series.

While this may come as a surprise to some gamers, after the various scandals surrounding the initial title, Ubisoft have in fact revealed that Watch_Dogs 2 will be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows. The news comes along side a heavily CGI game trailer, a format not all too popular among consumers, which showcases the new setting of the San Fransisco Bay area. The trailer definitely seems to be a step ahead of the previous title's marketing material, with no use of the word iconic to describe any generic items of clothing in sight.

In this, the second iteration, players will take control of Marcus Holloway in his fight against the program ctOS 2.0 which has wrongly marked him for a crime he did not commit. The title will see the return of hacking abilities such as traffic lights, phones, cameras but also the additions of hacking cranes, drones and even robots. Dominic Guay, Senior Producer at Ubisoft Montreal said:

“In WATCH_DOGS 2, we’re excited to give players a captivating storyline with engaging characters that offers deeper, more meaningful hacking options, a greater variety of gadgets and weapons, and a brand new seamless multiplayer experience that will appeal to fans of the original WATCH_DOGS as well as players new to the brand.”
 Additionally the title will offer an intoxicating number of pre-order editions, collectors editions, edition editions and edition edition collector editions, as is the Ubisoft philosophy.  Ubisoft will offer Deluxe, Gold and San Fransisco editions along with the DedSec collectors case and the Wrench Junior Robot Collector's Pack, all offering varying degrees of digital and physical extras as well as exclusive content. One piece of content highly relevant to the location, the Zodiac Killer mission, will be held back only for those who pre-order any edition edition special collectors edition.

Watch_Dogs 2 is scheduled for release November 15th 2016. 

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