Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatible

Credit: Rockstar Games

 Red Dead Redemption Backwards Compatible

Red dead: Redemption, 6 years later. Six long years following the release of one of Rockstar's most coveted games, and it would appear people still not only want to explore the amazing world of Red Dead, but they are willing to pay for it.

After Xbox Live’s Major Nelson announced the game would be available on Xbox’s backwards compatibility Service starting this Friday (8th July), sales of the game sky rocketed to over 6000%... Is anyone really surprised? I’m not. When it first launched the game was praised for its stunning portrayal of America at the end of the great wild west, with horses of iron and steal taking over for the living breathing counterpart. Throw in a beautiful map and some of the most compelling characters seen in video games, it really pushed story telling in modern games into the next frontier. 

The Multiplayer was nothing to laugh at either, it allowed large groups to posse up and free roam together, lock down a fortress from rival players, or shoot it out in some of the most interesting and compelling Multiplayer game modes of a genre. Where a modern shooter might use the sound of falling bullet cartridges to emphasis the mood and tone, Red Dead does it with a soundtrack that periodically brings the world to life. Nothing brings the wild west out of a game like the amazing score that accompanies it.

It had a huge selections of guns, a surprisingly good cover system, excellent horse riding and the gunplay was forgiving but required skill. It even got a piece of DLC by the name of Outlaws till the end. Which, might I add, has to be one of the coolest names any piece of content has ever had.

All in all I’m not surprised it’s shot back up in sales. The rumor mill has been on overdrive since E3 this year speculating why it is we haven’t heard anything about a possible sequel. But with Red Dead bouncing back into our lives after six years, even the most cynical of us can probably conclude that a new game is riding over the east horizon, sun at its back to dazzle us once more.

Red Dead Redemption will be available for backwards compatibility for the Xbox One Friday 8th July 2016. You'll be able to purchase the title on the Xbox Store or play with your physical disc once the game has installed. 

Welcome back to the Wild West.
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