5 New Games Coming to xbox

Credit: Microsoft/Xbox
5 New Games Coming to Xbox  

Here are just five new games coming to Xbox One and One X that you should be excited about.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Credit: Bluehole Studios
Losing out to the Culling to be the first battle royale genre title on the Xbox One, Player Unknown's Battleground has been revealed to be coming to the Xbox Market Place soon. The game, on it's PC equivalent, pits up-to 100 players in a fight to be the last man standing, with an entire island to explore and scavenge. With the title already a smash hit on the PC it will undoubtedly be a success on the Xbox One, if the launch is stable and the content is there.

State of Decay 2

Credit: Microsoft Studios/Undead Labs

A long awaited sequel to the smash hit State of Decay from Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 offers a unique and deep survival experience with up-to 4-player co-op. State of Decay focuses on building and maintaining a community of survivors in a zombie apocalypse, allowing players to scavenge resources, built facilities and structures and care for the needs of their survivors.

The Last Night 
Credit: OddTales

The Last Night is an artistic and dazzling 16-bit style side scroller soon to be release exclusively on Xbox. The trailer gives off a bladerunner feel with moody backdrops, neon lighting and beautiful uses of light and shadow. Originally created as a flash game as part of a game jam, developer Oddtales has come a long way to bring The Last Night to Xbox One.You can even play the original draft here.

Sea Of Thieves

Credit: Rare

Sea of Thieves is a swashbuckling pirate adventure game, allowing you to take to the seven seas and plunder to your hearts content. Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer romp allowing players to take part in epic ship battles, plunder loot and explore hand crafted island and defeating treacherous foes in the waters and on land.

Crackdown 3

Credit: Microsoft Studios, Sumo Digital, Reagent Games

Xbox did not disappointing at E3 2017 with its Crackdown 3 presentation, with its short cameo from Terry Crews adorned in a jumpsuit wielding a futuristic launcher, and its backing track provided by none other than Kanye West. Crackdown 3 harnesses the power of cloud computing to offer a fully destructible environment, with the ability to completely level multistory buildings and cause massive domino effects of destruction.
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