Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer Reveal

A group of world war 2 infantry men face away as fighter planes fly over head, from Call of Duty WWII
Credit: Activision/ Sledgehammer

 Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer Reveal

Call of Duty returns with Call of Duty: WWII.

Call of Duty has had a rough ride in recent years. Despite having been a profitable release, Infinite Warfare was met with severely negative criticism online following its reveal release on Youtube, and fans bemoaned the series becoming stale and repetitive. It seems Activision took notice, and began development on a new title, taking the series back to its roots amidst the turmoil of World War II.

WWII seemingly opted to follow the Battlefield 1formulae, announcing new features like Divisions, in which players take part in Operations style matches to gain control of strategic objectives. They've also done away with the classic create a class system and replaced it with Elite Outfits, allowing players to chose one of five outfits to fight for.

Call of Duty: WWII is scheduled for release 03/10/17 with betas opening on Playstation 4, August 25th.
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