Conan Exiles Xbox One Release Date

A man and women encounter a giant snake lit by torch light, from Conan Exiles
Credit: Funcom
 Conan Exiles Xbox One Release Date

Conan Exiles Scheduled for Release on Xbox One.
The popular PC survival title, Conan Exiles, will be making its way to the Xbox One as earlier as this year its been confirmed. Norwegian developer Funcom revealed the release date following its brief spot in the Microsoft Xbox E3 conference, as well as announcing additional content.
On-top of releasing an Xbox One Edition of Conan, Funcom announced a free content update named highlands that will coincide with the console release. Highlands will trade in the default desert setting for a snowy, mountainous northern environment. Conan will also be supporting 4k resolutions on the Xbox One X.

Conan Exiles is scheduled for release 16/08/2017 on the Xbox Preview Program.
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