Cuphead release date and trailer

A cartoon style ghost emits bright light from a cartoon heart on its chest, from Cup Head
Credit: Studio MDHR
Cuphead Release Date and Trailer

Cuphead appeared at the Xbox conference during E3 2017, with a (hopefully) solid release date.

After originally being announced a handful of years ago, Cuphead is back. If you're not aware of what Cuphead is, it's a classic cartoon styled run and gun scarily akin to Mickey Mania. The design prompted interest back in 2014 when it was originally revealed, with some instantly praising the title before it had even come out.

"We know next to nothing about it, but this is one of those times when a game’s aesthetic is enough to grab our attention and hold it, even during an event filled with much larger games." Ben Kuchera, Polygon

The game will ship with it's classic 1930's cartoon aesthetic and a two player co-op mode, so players can opt for single player or co-operative experiences, along with handcrafted backdrops and settings and hand drawn animation. If Cuphead can overcome the hurdles of its past and deliver, it may change what "videogames are art" really means.

Cuphead is scheduled for release 29/9/17 on Xbox One.
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