Fortnite Coming to Console and PC

A group of colourful charcters surrounded by zombies, from Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Coming to Console and PC

"Don't take shelter, make it."

Fortnite is an impressive and endearing new title from Epic Games, allowing players to explore, build, craft and survive in a stylized open world. Set in a post apocalyptic dystopia, following the vanishing of the population, and the arrival of hordes of world invading monsters.

Fortnite focuses on survival and base building, allowing players to construct vast fortresses, to hold back hordes of nightmarish creatures. As well as including crafting mechanics, the title will feature an open world ripe for exploration, destructible environments and up to four player co-operative play online.

Filled with loot, traps, gadgets and monsters to smash, Fornite is scheduled for release July 25th 2017.
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