Metroid: Samus Returns Announced for Nintendo 3DS

A cinematic silver display of the words Metroid Samus Returns
Credit: MecurySteam/Nintendo
 Metroid: Samus Returns Announced for Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo classic, Metroid, returns to the small screen on Nintendo's 3DS.

The classic Nintendo title, Metroid, was announced to be making a return at E3 2017 this year. The title was revealed to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of hand-held console, bringing the series back into the Nintendo spotlight. Metroid will join some of Nintendo's biggest hitters, including Super Mario: Odyssey, releasing this year and into 2018.
“Metroid: Samus Returns is based on the GameBoy classic Metroid II: Return of Samus, and we are very confident that this collaboration with Mercury Steam is the reason we have been able to successfully pull together various features like actions never seen before in the Metroid series, a stunning recreation of the planet SR388 and classical Metroid gameplay elements into a single powerful package.”
- Yoshio Sakamoto, senior officer of Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development Department

Metroid Samus Returns is scheduled for release on the 3DS and other family hand-held consoles 15/08/17.
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