Playstation E3 VR Quick-Fire Round Up

A woman with white hair and blue lipstick wears a VR headset infront of a white background besides the words PS4
Credit: Bango Games/Flickr
 Playstation E3 VR Round Up

Playstation continues its VR push at E32017

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remastered

Playstation VR kicked off this year at E3 2017 with a demonstration of the recent remaster of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, confirming rumors about Bethesda's involvement with Sony's VR push.


Following that we were given a trailer for Gametrust's Starchild, a VR-compatible sidescroller with a colorful sci-fi tinge to it involving battle between the human protagonist, a giant robot companion and hostile alien lifeforms. 

The Inpatient

Next, Supermassive Games' trippy psychological horror VR experience The Inpatient. 

Final Fantasy XV Experience

Square-Enix gave us a reveal for their new Final Fantasy XV Experience featuring fishing with Noctis and the gang, scheduled for a September 2017 release. 

Bravo Team

Supermassive was up again for their tactical military VR shooter Bravo Team. Finishing off the VR trailers, 


POLYARC's serene and relaxing Moss debuted next, starring an adorable little mouse aided by the player's ghostly spirit guide.
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