Super Mario Odyssey Switch Release Date

The character Super Mario runs down the streets of a New York like location, from Super Mario Odyssey
Credit: Nintendo
 Super Mario Odyssey Switch Release Date

Fans of Super Mario series will delight to know, Super Mario Odyssey now has a confirmed release date.

A focal point of the Nintendo E3 2017 conference was Super Mario Odyssey, a new gen take on the old classic series, merging the colorful style that Nintendo fans have come to love, and the newest technology Nintendo has to offer.

Super Mario Odyssey will take players on a journey across the globe in the titular air ship, the Odyssey, collecting moons to power your transport. This time around Mario will be incorporating fully 3-D environments and even drivable vehicles to cruise around them in.

Alongside the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo will also be releasing three new amiibo figures; wedding Mario, Peach and Bowser.

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch 27/10/17.
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