Top 4 Playstation Exclusive Reveals from E3 2017

Top 4 Playstation Exclusive Reveals from E3

God of War

The character Kratos stands sullen in a wooden shack, from God of War
Credit: Santa Monica Studios

Finally another familiar face from last year's E3, Santa Monica Studios' God of War, showed itself again. In this new trailer we get to know Kratos and his son a little more, getting hints at their new origins and exploring the new Nordic setting. The new over-the-shoulder combat received a lot of showcasing and we witnessed several of Kratos' new moves using his axe, a fold-out shield and synergy with his kid sidekick and a whole lot of gory, messy action and a whole new rogues gallery of mythical monsters to slay. Some REALLY big ones. God of War is scheduled for an early 2018 release date.

Detroit: Become Human

A man stands infront of a city backdrop at night with exposed robotic wounds and blue blood, from Deroit Become Human
Credit: Quantic Dream
David Cage's newest adventure Detroit: Become Human received another trailer after a long silence, featuring a more detailed look at the story of the new narrative-heavy experience. Demonstrating the game's wide array of options, we saw a pair of androids on an operation to set free some of their kind, the story rewinding to retell itself more successfully after they get caught, showcasing a very diverse amount of options to approach each situation with, writing the story your own way as per Quantic Dream's pedigree.

Destiny 2

A man with blue skin and heavy metal armour addresses a crowd of soilders atop a grassy knoll, from Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie
Bungie gave us another trailer for the sequel to their smash hit Destiny, showcasing more of the story of the Guardians under attack by a mysterious new foe. Gameplay involving more action-packed co-op looting and adventuring was shown  off too. Destiny 2 is scheduled for a September 3rd release, and has a plethora of gear and strikes exclusive to Playstation 4.


The character Spider Man squats on a webbed crane between two tall buildings, from Spider Man
Credit: Insomniac

Insomniac's new Spider-Man game received a new trailer at the end of the show, proudly presented to us by Layden. In it we got a more in-depth look at the game-play featuring acrobatic stealth making use of the web-slingers superhuman agility in an almost Batman-esque manner, but with more webs. Once Spidey alrted the guards we got a showcase of the fast-paced and energetic combat with Bayonetta-esque Spider Sense and a plethora of web-attacks. As the demo reached its close we watched Spider-Man take on a burly miniboss and demonstrate several contextual environmental attacks and abilities, as well as a sneak peek at the game's antagonist, Mr. Negative and some heroic daring-do by our hero in pursuit of a helicopter demonstrating his webslinging and parkour skills in the chase. Spider-Man has yet to announce a release date.
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