Xbox Scorpio Name Revealed

Credit: Microsoft/Xbox
  Xbox Scorpio Name Revealed
Microsoft has taken to the E3 stage and revealed their latest offering to the console market battleground.

Microsoft kicked off proceedings this year at the Xbox E3 presentation, revealing the Xbox Scorpio's real working name to be the Xbox One X.

The console will be the most powerful console ever released, and also the smallest Xbox console to be manufactured by Xbox and Microsoft. Inside this small package are some big surprises boasting; 6 Teraflop GPU, 12 GB GDDR5 Memory, 326GB/s Memory Bandwidth and a liquid cooled vapor chamber for ventilation.

Microsoft also announced the console would be native and true 4K, with super sampling for 1080p HD monitors, to increase the graphical fidelity of any game regardless of whether you have a 4K monitor or not. Additionally, Microsoft has opted for an optimized power management system that maintains consistent and smooth performance.

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