Overwatch Year Of The Dog Update Release

Credit: Activison-Blizzard
Lunar New Year Update Gets A Release Date

A staple of Overwatch has long since been the addition of timed events that add new content, from skins and sprays to new game modes and maps. The latest offering to Overwatch's arsenal of timed events is the Chinese Lunar New Year, Year of the Dog celebration.

This year will see the return of the one time game mode, Capture the Flag, as we saw it last year during the Year of the Rooster event. However the mode has been specifically altered to increase balance and reduce the amount of draws players can expect when jumping into the mode. Special abilities such as Tracer's dash and rewind and Winston's leap will cause players to drop the flag, curbing issues the mode faced last time around.

Additionally, Overwatch developer Jeff Kaplan announced a bespoke map which will balance the mode even further. The map is said to be based in Thailand and has been specifically designed with the capture the flag game mode in mind. It's also been hinted that like the Summer Games limited time event, Lucio Ball, there will be some competitive elements supported during this event as well.

Unlike the usual time frame for Overwatch events, Year of the Dog has been extended to run for four weeks as opposed to the usual three, this is to allow as many players as possible to experience the event as many choose to travel during Chinese New Year. Meaning players will have a whole month to grind out those loot boxes and nab any of the timed cosmetics they have their eyes on.

Year of the Dog will release February 8th 2018 on all platforms respectively.

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