Deep Rock Galactic Launches Beards N' Drills Update
Credit: Ghost Ship Games
 Deep Rock Galactic Launches Beards N' Drills Update

Following the launch of Deep Rock Galactic, the most tenacious 4-Player co-op mining game this side of Hoxxes IV, Ghost Ship games show no signs of slowing down as they release both updates 8 and 9 today.

The update, which is now available on both Xbox and PC, humorously named Beards N' Drills adds new cosmetic items for the more stylish of Dwarves among you and a few minor tweaks to gameplay. Since its release three weeks ago Deep Rock has received a steady stream of updates, now verging on double figures, which is a good indicator for the quality of life of the game.

One of the most contentious issues at launch was the misuse of the kick function, causing players to sink their time into a game only to be kicked before completion and receiving no reward. This latest update has addressed this issue, prompting a 'Mission Failed' state to occur when a player is removed from a game, resulting in a small amount of rewards being awarded to the ejected player. Any player being kicked from a session will receive a 25% cut of the reward meaning the loss of time invested stings that little bit less when you're ejected from the game.

Environments are also getting some tweaks, with new random generations being added to cave systems to inject some more variety into the dark depths below the surface of Hoxxes IV. Players can also expect some new environmental hazards including sticky webs, which cause the player to become slightly blinded by the webs and take a reduction in movement speed while they're wrapped up in the sticky stuff.

The Driller class has also seen some buffing, as community members had voiced concerns that his kit was very limited in terms of ammunition. The flamethrower fuel capacity has been increased from 160 to 270, while its range has also been increased from 8.5 to 10 meters, the power drills has also seen a fuel increase from 30 to 35 which will definitely help cement the driller as a must pick moving forwards.

To see the full list of patch notes, including additions and fixes, visit Deep Rock Galactic's webpage here.
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