Jeff Goldblum Reprises His Role As Dr Ian Malcolm For Jurassic Park Evolution

Credit: Frontier/Jeff Goldblum
 Jeff Goldblum Reprises His Role As Dr Ian Malcolm For Jurassic World Evolution

Many may remember the perfect storm that merged the love of Jurassic Park and Roller Coaster Tycoon resulting in the creation of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Originally released in 2003 for Windows, Xbox and Playstation 2, Operation Genesis was largely a success, earning a Silver Sales Award and was over-all critically well received.

Flash forward to 2018, and the magic of a Jurassic Park builder game is making a resurgence. The development studio behind the cult hit Elite Dangerous is hard at work on the latest iteration of the Jurassic Park take on theme park tycoons. Melding elements from the original Jurassic Park movies from 1993 and beyond, along with aspects from the new blockbuster Jurassic World, Evolution is turning out to be the definitive choice for any fans of the franchise.

“As long-time fans of the entire Jurassic series we’re thrilled to be putting players in charge of their own Jurassic World, We’re excited to bring over fifteen years of management, simulation, and creature development expertise to a destination and franchise that remains an inspiration to us.” -

Frontier’s Chief Creative Officer, Jonny Watts on developing Jurassic Park Evolution

What may also interest fans is the addition of Dr Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldbum, to the roster of voice actors featured in Jurassic World: Evolution. Goldblum himself will voice the lines of his original character, acting as a park advisor to players for the length of the game. Not only will the involvement of Jeff Goldblum inject some star power into Evolutions, but will also unequivocally tie the game to the cinematic universe.

The news came from an Evolution trailer in which Goldblum appeared. During the announcement Goldblum states "I'm gonna be with you the whole game" before he goes on to endorse the game by giving it ten out of ten 'Goldblums' his highest possible rating. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

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