State of Decay 2 Pre-order Price Will Shock You
Credit: UndeadLabs

 State of Decay 2 Pre-order Price Will Shock You

The release date for the highly anticipated sequel to the cult hit that was State of Decay has been announced, and the pre-order price will make you double-take when you see it go live on the Xbox and Microsoft stores.

Following the run-away success of State of Decay back when it released on the Xbox 360, moving over 4 million copies, Undead Labs was picked up by Microsoft to begin work on an exclusive sequel. That sequel was recently given a solid release date, with pre-orders opening for the Xbox and Windows PC soon after, with a price you might find hard to believe.

Despite the landslide success of the State of Decay and the backing of one of the industry's biggest players, State of Decay has settled on a far more modest price point than you might imagine for a typical AAA title.Sitting at a respectable £24.99/$30 for the base game, available now for pre-order, or the Ultimate Edition for £39.99/$49.99.

Pre-ordering the base version of the game will also include the Prepper's Pack which comes with a unique melee weapon and custom vehicle along with a host of other items that can be used to customize your community or increase survivor skills.

The Ultimate Edition will also come with an array of extra content packs including; Prepper's Pack, Daybreak Pack and the Independence Pack. All of which will give players a unique vehicle and custom vehicle decal, a unique melee weapon and further content to explore within the game world. Most notably, the Daybreak pack includes an "all-new game mode that introduces a new map with new siege facilities, missions and a variety of events including the challenging new Horde Mode." So there's plenty of content to sink your teeth into regardless of what edition you opt to go for, with extra content for both versions of the game.

State of Decay 2 is accepting pre-orders now, and will be available to play on the 22nd of May, 2018.
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