Xbox Live Is Down Following Black Screen and Sign In Errors

Credit: Microsoft
Xbox Live Is Down Following Black Screen and Sign In Errors

Updated: Xbox Live Services should now be back up and running for all users, following a system reboot.

If you're an Xbox user you may have just turned on your console to find nothing but a blank, black screen. Don't worry, it's not your console, Xbox is currently experiencing a range of service-wide issues with many gamers unable to use their consoles at all.

The 'Black Screen of Death' is just the latest installment to a slew of online service issues the console has experienced in the last few days. Sign in issues began plaguing titles like Black Ops IIII and Fortnite, extending to EA and Bungie services, just yesterday.

It also appears that some users are experiencing issues with the Xbox Support webpage as well, which suggests even non-core services are suffering from the service-wide blackout.

The Xbox Support Twitter account has made it clear that they are aware of the issue, and have engineers looking into the issue, advising players to keep an eye on thier Xbox Live Service Status website.

At the moment it's unknown as to when Xbox Live will be back online, and how quickly Xbox's engineers can identify what's causing the Home black screen issue. However, Xbox does have a track record of resolving issues of these kinds fairly quickly. We suggest sitting tight and checking in on Xbox Support via Twitter for the latest updates.
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